Welcome to the ATP1A3 in disease Symposia site

The 7th ATP1A3 in disease symposia will take place at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois USA on October 13th and 14th (Saturday to Sunday) 2018. Organising Committee:
Allison Brashear, MD (Wake Forest Medical Center), Al George, MD (Northwestern University Medical Center), Kevin Ess, MD, PhD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), and the AHC Foundation.

Call for hosting 2019 Symposium ATP1A3 in disease. Applications must be sent to the Standing Committee by email atp1a3disease@gmail.com latest March 1st, 2018 and should include the following information:
- Scientific topics to be prioritized; keynote speakers; clinical & basic research coverage.
- Budgeting plan for the meeting.
- Indicative dates and location for holding the meeting and potential link to other high impact scientific events.
- Any other information, such as previous experience of the proposers in organizing scientific meeting and fund raising, would be appreciated.
The Standing Committee will review the received proposals in March 2018 and may request additional information from the potential candidates.